Explore the Geopark Muskau Arch and its unique landscape shaped by huge glaciers, ice winds and enormous power by man! Discover the charm of the old mining landscape with its 400 colourful lakes, the deep forests and hidden paths!

The Geopark Muskau Arch is a young-earth geological formation. Young witnesses in earth history are relics of iceage and holocene. You can find them all over the Geopark in impressive and vivid markedness. Very exciting is the industrial and raw material history, which go over deep into the 13. century. Brickworks, industrial trains, old mines, glassworks, potteries, art nouveau buildings in the fast grown cities - the Geopark is rich in mineral ressources and stories. Today the Muskau Arch is adventure-filled for young and grown-up explorer and researcher! Spot it - and start your individual tour through the Geopark Muskau Arch!

more about the tradition of brickworking and the local developement around an old mine you find in "old mines and brickworks"

more about the landscape along the river Neiße forming the border between Poland and Germany you find in "riversides, springs and enchanted forests"

Maps, leaflets and geological literature you will receive in the Geopark visitor centre in Döbern. Please contact us! We are available Mon-Fri 9-4pm for any queries you may have. Thank you.

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e-Mail: info@muskauer-faltenbogen.de