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im UNESCO Global Geopark Muskauer Faltenbogen / Łuk Mużakowa / Muskau Arch

Dear Geopark friends,

each year since 2007, an expert panel led by the Professional Association of German Geoscientists (BDG) selects the stone of the year. The objective is to move the unliving nature in general, and stones in particular into the public consciousness and to provide information about the formation and the economic significance of stones. After the solid rocks granite, sandstone, basalt, limestone, tuff, quartzite, kaolin, phonolite and gneiss, follows now at last the first loose sediment:


And this fits very well with our Geopark! From a geological point of view, the UNESCO Global Geopark Muskau Arch is a precious example of the younger earth’s history and its unconsolidated sediments. Only about 350,000 years ago, the unique landscape was shaped by the Elsterian Ice Age. Covered by quarternary and tertiary soft sediments, the area on both sides of the german-polish border river Neiße provides an imposing insight, specifically, into the younger phase of rock formation. Outcrops of soft sediments are typical witnesses of the ice age. These include in particular gravel, sand and clay pits, but also lignite or alum shale outcrops.

Moreover, sand is a firmly established part of our everyday life and an essential raw material. We would like to celebrate this choice in a fitting way in several projects in September and October. One of these activities should be to initiate a sand collection with sand from all over the world to create a travelling exhibition with our “GeoScallywags” childrens ranger group and to connect it with a world map. But we also wish to use it as demonstration object for school projects, events in the region, in the GeoEvent-Center and for other environmental education projects.

To realise this, we beg for your support! We would be very glad when you and your Geopark could participate and help us to build up a sand collection. If you like our project, please send us a sand sample from your Geopark with a weight of 1kg and mark it clearly with the following collection data:



Date of sampling:

Composition / original rock (if known):

Assumed age (if known):

Specifics (if known):

Please, send the samples to:

UNESCO Global Geopark Muskauer Faltenbogen / Łuk Mużakowa


Muskauer Straße 14

03159 Döbern


We are very pleased about your help and send our best wishes to all over the world! Thank you very much!

Warmest regards from Lusatia

Nancy Sauer

managing director UNESCO Global Geopark Muskauer Faltenbogen / Łuk Mużakowa